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Tax forms when you need them
Experience the convenience of Taxprep Forms, Canada’s most comprehensive library of electronic tax forms with up to 480 stored forms. Formerly known as Formulatrix, Taxprep Forms eliminates the need to search the Internet or contact government offices for tax forms.
Complete list of
forms and slips
offered in all three versions of
Taxprep Forms.

Taxprep Forms is available in three subscription categories:

Taxprep Forms BRONZE
Includes the T4, T4A, T5, RL-1 and RL-3 slips and corresponding summaries, including support for EFILE Transmission. With Taxprep Forms BRONZE, you’ll have access to a total of 22 forms.

Taxprep Forms SILVER
Provides 215 slips and forms issued by Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec. In addition to all the slips and forms available in Taxprep Forms BRONZE, subscribers to Taxprep Forms SILVER get the following slips and related summaries:
• NR4
• T3
• T4A-NR
• T4PS
• T10
• T101
• T106
• T2202A
• T5008
• T5013
• T5018
• RL-2
• RL-8
• RL-11
• RL-15
• RL-16
• RL-17
• RL-18
• RL-24
• RL-25
• RL-27
• Partnership (T5013/TP-600) and charity (T3010A/TP-985.22) returns and related forms

Taxprep Forms GOLD
Provides 476 slips and forms issued by the CRA and Revenu Québec. In addition to all the slips and forms contained in Taxprep Forms SILVER, Taxprep Forms GOLD includes:

• T4ARCA, T215 and T737-RCA slips and summaries
• Forms for source withholdings and self-employment
• Selected GST/HST and QST forms

Preparing Specialized Returns?
Taxprep Forms has the forms and calculations you need to prepare charity and partnership returns.

Easy data access and sorting
The Slip Search in Taxprep Forms provides easy access to data entered for recipients as well as various sorting possibilities. To prepare slips more efficiently, the Slip Search appears in the toolbar section of the Taxprep Forms window when the data entry screen is displayed.

Save time with permanent data roll forward
Permanent data such as taxpayer’s name, address and social insurance number or business number is retained and can be rolled forward to the following year to save time on re-entering this information.

Easily import and export data
Exchange data between all slips included in Taxprep Forms and other sources such as Excel spreadsheets.

Stay Up-to-date
Taxprep Forms is updated throughout the year to ensure that you always have access to the most recent version of the forms you need.

A new and improved forms library

Along with its new name, Taxprep Forms also boasts a number of new features and enhancements. With the new Taxprep Forms, you can:

  • Import data from the T-slips to the T1 forms in Personal Taxprep
  • Manage your files using Client Manager
  • Personalize statuses and customize diagnostics
  • Import and export data
  • Attach documents and notes and roll them forward
  • Take advantage of powerful Taxprep features already available in our other Taxprep products

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