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Corporate Taxprep 2017 v.2.0 Launch
Date: 2017-Nov.-30

Corporate Taxprep
Corporate Taxprep 2017 v.2.0 Launch

We are pleased to announce the release of Corporate Taxprep 2017 v.2.0.

This version can be used to prepare corporate tax returns for taxation years beginning on or after January 1, 2015, and ending on or before May 31, 2018.

The minimum subscription term for this product is one year.
If you have any questions regarding your subscription, please contact Customer Service at or log on to "My Account" on the Web site.

Download Now!

The CD-ROMs will be shipped starting the week of December 3, 2017.

What's new in this version

The following is a brief summary of the changes included in Corporate Taxprep 2017 v.2.0.

  • Transmission of supporting documents accompanying T2 returns
    Supporting documents accompanying the T2 return can now be electronically transmitted.
  • TaxprepConnect Download (Jump Code: CONNECT)
    The TaxprepConnect functionality is now available in Corporate Taxprep, therefore allowing you to download data via the CRA’s T2 Auto-fill service.
  • Update of Schedule 10 (Jump Code: 10)
    Schedule 10 has been updated and two parts have been added to calculate the undepreciated capital cost of class 14.1 on January 1, 2017, as well as the amounts under
    paragraph 13(38)(d) ITA.
  • Electronic transmission of Forms T106 (Jump Code: 106) and T1134 (Jump Code: 1134)
    Starting this year, the CRA allows for the electronic transmission of Form T106 (summary and slips) and Form T1134 (summary and supplements).
  • Mandatory EFILE for Alberta AT1 returns
    Corporations with a permanent establishment in Alberta must now file electronically their Alberta AT1 returns when the corporation’s taxation year is ending after December 31, 2017.
To learn more about Corporate Taxprep and become familiar with the new features, consult the program's Help as well as the Release Notes and QuickStart Guide available in the Professional Centre (Go/Professional Centre command).

Activation Key

Corporate Taxprep requires an activation key to install the program and related optional modules (Specialized Information, Corporation Internet Filing or Network). If you choose to use them, simply enter the applicable key when prompted. To access your activation key, log on to your "Files Centre" from the "Taxprep Download Centre" page. In the Dashboard page, click the Activation Key(s) button in the “Download” section.

Videos available in the Professional Centre and on our Web site!

To learn more about Taxprep or to become familiar with the different features, consult the videos available in the Professional Centre or at