Corporate Taxprep 2019.2.2

About Multiple Environments

An environment is a specific workspace with customized settings. Corporate Taxprep allows you to apply environments to your work sessions so that you can reuse a specific configuration with modified settings. The settings that are kept in the environments are those saved in the following sections:

  • options and settings;
  • print formats;
  • preparer profiles;
  • filters and diagnostics;
  • letters and labels.

The advantage of multiple environments is that a configuration with customized settings can be applied rapidly, which means that you do not need to modify the program configuration (i.e., the choice of file location, transmission settings, etc.).

Multiple environments are directly linked to work sessions and are applied when Corporate Taxprep is opened (after the user identification, if you use the Advanced Network version of Corporate Taxprep). If more than one environment has been created, a dialog box will display at program startup to allow you to select the environment that you want to use.