Corporate Taxprep 2019.2.3

Automatically Insert Text

AutoText is an editing tool that allows you to quickly insert text into alphanumerical cells. AutoText is customizable and automatically adapted to the specific needs of a preparer or an accounting firm.

When you begin entering an alphanumeric value, Corporate Taxprep verifies if there is a value that may complete the entry and proposes one or more suggestions from a list. To accept a value, select it.


  • AutoText is available only in specific cells on certain forms (for example: forms which concern charitable donations).
  • If Corporate Taxprep detects more than one value that may be selected, it will propose an alphabetical ordered list of suggestions.
  • There exists a different AutoText list in each applicable form. By default, Corporate Taxprep keeps the last 25 values added to each AutoText list; you can, however, modify this setting.