Corporate Taxprep 2019.2.3

About the Advanced Network View

The Advanced Network view is accessible by:

  • clicking the button; or
  • using the Shift+Ctrl+N shortcut key.

Note: The Advanced Network view is only displayed when logging on to an on-line work session as an administrator.

The Advanced Network view is used for the following functions:

  • create and delete user accounts;
  • create and delete user groups;
  • modify the rights of the On-line and Off-line profile of a user group using the Policies Editor;
  • server update;
  • retrieve the configuration; and
  • define the properties for a user, a user group or the server.

The section in the top part of the view displays all of the user groups provided with Corporate Taxprep as well as those created by the administrators.

The group "User List" shows a master list of the user accounts that you have set up for all groups. This list cannot be deleted; the only operations that are allowed within the list concern the management of user accounts.

Click the Open button or double-click a group to display the Policies Editor and modify the different rights granted to the On-line and Off-line profiles of the selected user group.

To copy the rights defined in the selected profile to the On-line or Off-line profile in the same user group or another user group, drag the selected profile and drop it on the profile to which to want to make the copy.

This section displays the user list of the user group selected above. You can sort the user list in an ascending or decreasing order by clicking the column header. To do a quick search of a user account, enter the fist characters of the user name; Corporate Taxprep will select the first occurrence found.

Several tools are available on the toolbar, in particular the Retrieve Configuration button, which allows you to retrieve the network configuration the same way it was customized in the previous version.