Corporate Taxprep 2019.2.3

Annotate a Diagnostic

When reviewing a client file, you may annotate the diagnostics to indicate that they were reviewed or looked at.

To annotate a diagnostic, proceed as follows:

  1. Show the diagnostics pane.
  2. Right-click a diagnostic and click the desired annotation


The user can choose from the following four annotation types:

  • Reviewed – First review (active return)
  • Reviewed – Second review (active return)
  • Ignored– First review (active return)
  • Ignored – Second review (active return)
Note: Only one annotation type can be selected at a time. To cancel a selection, the user must right-click the diagnostic and click the selected annotation again.

The annotations are linked to the client file, i.e. they will be displayed for any user that opens the client file.

An annotated diagnostic with the indicator or and that is resolved, remains displayed in the Reviewed tab of the diagnostics pane; however, the colour of the indicators displayed in the Annotation column is modified ( or ).

If the annotation is deleted, the non-applicable diagnostic will disappear from the diagnostics pane.

Ignored (all returns) command

The user also has access to the Ignored (all returns) command which will allow you to ignore the diagnostic for all taxpayers and all client files where it displays. However, the usage of this command only applies to the user that requested it. If another user opens the client file, the diagnostic will display normally.

The Ignored (all returns) command can be disabled by selecting it again.

Note: Ignored diagnostics relating to the current tax return or to all tax returns will not display when the Cells With Diagnostics filter is applied in the Xpress tool.

Note that the diagnostic indicator in the associated field disappears when the user annotates the diagnostic or when it becomes non-applicable or when the user ignores it permanently.