Corporate Taxprep 2019.2.3

About Preparer Profiles

Information about the preparer, among other things, must appear on certain forms, and this must be entered in a repetitive fashion. For example, the preparer's identifying information is found on Form RC59, Business Consent.

The forms available in a preparer profile allow you to provide information on your accounting firm and define certain settings with regards to the filling of returns, authorization forms and letters.

The data entered in a preparer profile will be posted to the appropriate cells and used for calculation purposes.

The preparer profile that you select as default will be used to create new returns. However, you can select a preparer profile to be used instead of the one by default in each client file.

You can create several preparer profiles to meet your requirements. For example, a preparer profile in English and another one in French. You will then be able to select the appropriate preparer profile.

Additional letter(s) to print

This option allows you to make the additional letters applicable for printing purposes.

You need to select the box(es) corresponding to the additional letters that you want to use and then define the “If applicable” value for these additional letters in the print format.

Additional Paragraph Cells

The "Additional paragraphs" section contains a series of cells that allow preparers to select one or more paragraphs to include to the client letter.

This section is especially useful when you want to include paragraphs that cannot be created automatically based on data in the tax return (e.g. disclaimer paragraphs that vary based on the terms of the engagement).

Each cell can be used as a paragraph condition in your customized letter template.

Add descriptions for the paragraphs in your Preparer Profile to allow the preparers to more easily identify them and to ensure that the paragraphs are used consistently by all users. The preparer can then modify which paragraphs will print, on a return by return basis, by overriding the default paragraph selection shown at the bottom of the Client Letter Worksheet (Jump Code: LW).

Changes made in the Client Letter Worksheet are saved in the tax return file and will remain in effect the next time you open the return.