Check EFILE Eligibility

When the transmission of slips or returns has been allowed for a client file, the program will determine if the file is eligible for EFILE for each slip type and return type.

EFILE status of slip type or return type is "Eligible" when:

  1. The transmission of slips or returns is allowed;
  2. The client file includes at least one slip or return of the type in question; and
  3. The client file meets eligibility requirements.

To check if a client file meets the EFILE eligibility requirements, proceed as follows:

  1. Show the diagnostics pane.
  2. Click the EFILE tab to verify the EFILE diagnostics.

Note: Diagnostics are issued only when the transmission of slips or returns is allowed for the client file.

If the client file meets eligibility requirements for EFILE and no EFILE diagnostic is issued, the EFILE statuses for the slips, RL slips or returns will then be "Eligible".

Errors Detected

Errors that can cause rejection of the client file are indicated in the diagnostics pane under the EFILE tab. They must be corrected in order for the

slips, RL slips and returns to be eligible for EFILE purposes.