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Taxprep Forms
Taxprep Forms
Taxprep Forms
The right resources at your fingertips.

Canada’s most comprehensive library of electronic tax forms with up to 475 stored forms, Taxprep Forms will increase your efficiency, accuracy and profitability. It puts the most current forms, slips and schedules right at your fingertips.

Work smarter. Increase your accuracy. Boost your productivity.
Taxprep Forms has all the features you need to power through the tax return process with ease:

There are three different Taxprep Forms subscriptions to choose from. Simply choose the one that best suits your needs:

Taxprep Forms Bronze
Taxprep Forms Silver
Taxprep Forms Gold
With Taxprep Forms, you can get started immediately because there is no learning curve thanks to its intuitive navigation.
With Taxprep Forms, you get the tools you need when you need them. You don’t have to search the Internet or contact government offices to find a specific form.
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Taxprep Forms has the forms and calculations you need to prepare charity and partnership information returns.

Taxprep Forms supports forms T3010 and T5013 that reflect the latest CRA rules regarding charities and partnerships.
Taxprep Forms has time-saving features such as quick search, built-in calculations, data-saving and convenient print options.
Taxprep Forms lets you personalize statuses and customize diagnostics. What’s more, it provides you with added security because you can limit access with password-protected files.
Taxprep Forms lets you manage your files using Client Manager. You can easily find and sort files and forms and receive quick updates on return status.
With Taxprep Forms, permanent data – such as documents and notes – can be rolled forward to the following year, without you ever having to enter the information again.
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For T-slip preparers, the Slip Navigator feature provides easy access to data entered for recipients as well as various sorting capabilities that are incredibly efficient.
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Taxprep Forms allows you to exchange data between all slips included in Taxprep Forms and Excel spreadsheets to reduce errors and save time.
Once you’ve finished filing your clients’ slips and forms for the taxation year that just ended, you can roll forward your client files and start preparing the next year’s returns within the same Taxprep Forms program.
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To keep you current, Taxprep Forms is updated throughout the year. That means you always have access to the most recent version of the forms you need.
Taxprep products literally talk to each other. For instance, you can import data from the T-slips to the T1 forms in Personal Taxprep. In addition, if you are already using a product from the Taxprep suite, you can transfer taxpayer identification information into Taxprep Forms and create a new file.
With Taxprep Forms you get Wolters Kluwer’s best-in-class tax and technical support and service. Tutorials are also available in the program’s Professional Centre or on the Taxprep website.
Get the most out of your software by attending professional training seminars and web-based conferences presented by our experts. Simply choose what best fits your schedule.
Discover for yourself why Taxprep Forms is Canada’s most comprehensive library of electronic forms.
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