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Taxprep for Trusts
Taxprep for Trusts
Taxprep for Trusts
Software that simplifies trust return preparation.

Developed in association with Canada’s major trust companies, Taxprep for Trusts includes numerous automatic calculations and features that will enable you to efficiently handle your T3 preparation, whether you prepare just a few returns every year or thousands.

Optimize your return process. Save time. Deliver the best results to clients.
Taxprep for Trusts is innovative software that will help you save time and optimize tax situations for the trust and its beneficiaries. The Taxprep for Trusts solution includes:

Taxprep for Trust’s Step-by-step Assistant lets you speed up preparation of T3/TP-646 tax returns by grouping data entries into eight successive steps. Each step provides direct access to applicable entry screens.
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Taxprep for Trusts’ built-in features help you navigate the complex T3 filing process so that you don’t overlook required forms and summaries.

Taxprep for Trusts will generate a diagnostic that prompts you to use EFILE as soon as you prepare more than 50 slips or RL slips.
For maximum flexibility, you can choose from multiple methods of specifying beneficiary allocations for income gains, capital gains and trust income.
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To determine the net amount that can be allocated to beneficiaries, Taxprep for Trusts instantly matches trust income and expenses based on the type of income earned.
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Taxprep for Trusts allows you to quickly generate a form that lists all the beneficiaries identified by the software through the various allocation methods. And changes to the beneficiaries can be made directly on the form.
Taxprep for Trusts not only has 350 built-in diagnostics, it also allows you to create your own diagnostics. You can add reminders and warnings that will help your T3 preparation process run smoothly.
Once you’ve finished filing your clients’ trust tax returns for the taxation year that just ended, you can roll forward your client files and start preparing the next year’s returns within the same Taxprep for Trusts program.
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For your convenience, you are automatically subscribed to Taxprep e-Bulletin, a free email service that ensures you receive up-to-date information about the latest version of Taxprep for Trusts.
Integrate Taxprep for Trusts with Wolters Kluwer tax research products and get a direct link to tax research publications such as Preparing Your Trust Tax Returns, the Income Tax Act, and Interpretation Bulletins and Information Circulars (sold separately).
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When integrated with other products in CCH Accountants’ Suite, Taxprep for Trusts will enable you to remove redundancies in your workflow and let you access common data from multiple applications.
Taxprep for Trusts Lite is a cost-effective option that contains all of Taxprep for Trusts’ features, with some restrictions.

Taxprep for Trusts Lite is limited to the preparation of only five returns. And the use of a web-based print counter is required.
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