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GIFI - Importing a Microsoft Excel File
Date: 2017-May-23

GIFI - Importing a Microsoft Excel™ File

To import data from an Excel file, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the following file: Index-T2.xls (725 Kb).

  2. Open the Index-T2.xls file with Excel or another spreadsheet program.

  3. Open one of your .xls files containing corporate financial statements.

  4. In the Index-T2.xls file, create references to the cells using your corporate financial statement file.
    Tip: We strongly recommend that you keep a backup copy of your .xls files before you modify them.

  5. Open a tax return with Corporate Taxprep and, in the File menu, click Import Data, and then Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xls*).

  6. In the Import dialog box, select the Index-T2.xls file and click Open to begin the import procedure in the GIFI schedules.

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