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e-Bulletin # 20180830-1
Date: 2018-Aug.-30

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Corporate Taxprep
Troubleshooting Memo Update

An updated Troubleshooting Memo is available in the Professional Centre and on our Web site.

New items in the Troubleshooting Memo:

  • CO-1029.8.33.13 − Tax Credit for the Reporting of Tips (Jump Code: 102983313) – Modification to the Health Services Fund (HSF) contribution rate for the 2018 calendar year for small and
    medium-sized businesses with a total payroll of less than $5.5M

  • CO-1029.8.36.IN − Tax credit for Investment (Jump Code: 1029836IN) – Temporary increase in the tax credit for investments for expenses incurred to acquire qualified property after August 15, 2018

  • Schedule 383 − Manitoba Corporation Tax Calculation (Jump Code: 383) − The additional deduction for credit unions is reinstated as of 2017.

Please refer to this document to see if these topics affect any of your clients' corporate tax returns.

To view the Corporate Taxprep Troubleshooting Memo, consult the Professional Centre of the program or our Web site.


To consult the different training options available regarding Corporate Taxprep (seminars, webinars, tutorials and more), access the Training section of the Taxprep Web site. You can also access it from the program, by selecting Get Taxprep Training in the Help menu.