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Release of Taxprep Forms Classic 2018 v.3.0
Date: 2019-Mar.-13

Taxprep Forms
Release of Taxprep Forms Classic 2018 v.3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Taxprep Forms Classic 2018 v.3.0 which is now available for download.

Please consult the table below to find out how to get version 3.0.

Version CD-ROMs Download from the Web site
Gold X X
Silver X X
Bronze   X

The minimum subscription term for this product is one year.
If you have any questions regarding your subscription, please contact Customer Service at or log in to your account as follows: go to, click Existing Customers, scroll down the page that displays, then click Log in to My Account.

Download Now!

The CD-ROMs will be shipped starting the week of March 17, 2019.
This version includes the form updates listed in the table below.

Forms Bronze Silver Gold What’s new?
CPT1     X Form updated
GST44     X Form updated
GST66     X Form updated
NR6   X X Form updated
RC1   X X Form updated
RC59   X X Form updated
RC59X   X X Form updated
RC7294     X Form updated
T1004     X Form updated
T1024     X Form updated
T1090     X Form updated
T1131     X Form updated
T1157   X X Form updated
T1158   X X Form updated
T1161     X Form updated
T1213     X Form updated
T1223   X X Form updated
T1243   X X Form updated
T2016     X Form updated
T2019   X X Form updated
T2036     X Form updated
T2067     X Form updated
T2073     X Form updated
T4PS Summary   X X Form updated
TL2   X X Form updated
LM-1   X X Form updated
TP-66   X X Form updated
TP-348   X X Form updated
TP-1016     X Form updated

If you already have completed one of the forms that is the subject of an update, please review it again as fields may have been added or deleted, or the data entered may be affected by modifications.

Activation Key

An activation key is required to install Taxprep Forms Classic. Simply enter the applicable key when prompted. To access your activation key, log on to your "Files Centre" from the Taxprep Download Centre page. In the Dashboard page, click the Activation Key(s) button in the “Download” section. If you have already installed a previous version of Taxprep Forms Classic 2018, the activation key will not be required.

Videos available in the Professional Centre and on our Web site

To learn more about Taxprep or to become familiar with the different features, consult the videos available in the Professional Centre of the program or at