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Release of Version 4.0 of Personal Taxprep 2018
Date: 2019-Apr.-4

Personal Taxprep
Release of Version 4.0 of Personal Taxprep 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of version 4.0 of Personal Taxprep 2018, which is now available for download.

The minimum subscription term for this product is one year.
If you have any questions regarding your subscription, please contact Customer Service at or log on to "My Account" on the Web site.

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The CD-ROMs will be shipped starting the week of April 7, 2019.

This version contains the forms approved for filing purposes by the tax authorities for the 2018 taxation year, including those that were under review in previous versions. Returns can be EFILED with this version of Personal Taxprep. For information on the transmission system schedule, please refer to the "Electronic Filing" section of the Release Notes.

Here is a brief summary of the main changes:

  • Planner rate table – Several 2019 rates updated
    Most of the 2019 rates, available at the time this version was released, have been updated in the program (including the provincial tax brackets and non-refundable tax credits) in order to estimate the total tax liability for the 2019 taxation year.

  • GST370 – Abolition of the 12% HST rebate (Jump Code: GST 370)
    Form GST370, Employee and partner GST/HST rebate application, has been updated as a result of the release by the CRA of a new version of the form.

  • T1229 – Statement of Resource Expenses and Depletion Allowance (Jump Code: 1229)
    Form T1229 was modified to include the calculation of the additional deductions of 15% for accelerated Canadian development expenses and 5% for Canadian oil and gas property expenses

For more information with regards to these changes, consult the Release Notes.

Activation Keys

Personal Taxprep requires an activation key to install the program, which includes various modules.
Simply enter the applicable key when prompted. To access your activation key, log on to your "Files Centre" from the Taxprep Download Centre page. In the Dashboard page, click the Activation Key(s) button in the “Download” section. If you have already installed a previous version of Personal Taxprep 2018, the activation key will not be required.


To consult the different training sessions available, access the “Training” section of the Taxprep Web site. To do so, in Personal Taxprep, select Get Taxprep Training in the Help menu.

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