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Troubleshooting Memos
Date: 2020-Jan.-21

Corporate Taxprep
Troubleshooting Memos

Articles relating to the Troubleshooting Memos have been added to the Knowledge Base.

Please refer to these articles to see if these topics affect any of your clients' corporate tax returns.

2020-January-21 (2019 v.x)
Negative values displayed as positive values when the regional settings format is set to Français (Canada)

2020-January-9 (2019 v.2.x)
Revenu Québec is not able to decode the bar codes printed with the CO-17 or CO-17.SP return, which causes a delay in processing the return

2019-December-20 (2019 v.2.x)
CO-1029.8.33.TE – Boxes 33 and 34 in Part 4 are selected even if employees turned 60 or 65 after January 1 of the calendar year

2019-December-6 (2019 v.2.0)
Forms T2054 and CO-502 - Incorrect calculation of the number of months in Part 4
Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) Workchart - Incorrect amount calculated on the line Capital cost of qualified property that became available for use in the current taxation year before July 1, 2019
T1134, Letter LW and Client Letter, Filing Instructions-Filing deadline for T1134 in diagnostic F93 as well as in letters LW and Client Letter, Filing Instructions is incorrect when the taxation year straddles January 1, 2020

2019-December-5 (2019 v.2.0)
AT1 Schedule 21 – When Alberta Schedule 21 is applicable, the AT1 return (Net File) is rejected with error code 10030, and data is missing from the RSI printing in Alberta Schedule 21

2019-November-1 (2019 v.1.x)
Schedule 7, Aggregate Investment Income and Income Eligible for the Small Business Deduction – Incorrect amount on line 730 when a dividend deductible under paragraph 113(1)(c) ITA is entered in Schedule 3

Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) Workchart – Incorrect amount rolled forward on line N for a CCA class 14.1 causes an overestimate of the 2% additional deduction

2019-October-7 (2019 v.1.x)
Additions and Dispositions Workchart – Incorrect calculation of the capital cost and the proceeds of disposition of a zero-emission passenger vehicle in CCA class 54

2019-August-8 (2019 v.1.x)
Schedule 12 – Incorrect calculation of the deduction in respect of the accelerated Canadian development expenses and accelerated Canadian oil and gas property expenses when the taxation year is less than 51 weeks
Additions and Dispositions Workchart – Incorrect calculation of the proceeds of disposition of property in CCA class 54 for a zero-emission passenger vehicle related to dispositions after July 29, 2019

2019-June-12 (2019 v.1.0)
Corporate Taxpayer Summary, Five-year Comparative Summary and Tax Scenarios Worksheet – The dividend refund amount does not display for a taxation year starting before 2019
Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) Workchart – Incorrect calculation of the 60% additional CCA (Québec) when a property entered on the Additions and Dispositions Workchart qualifies for the additional CCA of 30%

To view the Corporate Taxprep Troubleshooting Memo, consult the Knowledge Base.