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Training - Listing of events

Personal Tax Update for Taxprep Users 2019
Webinar On Demand

Staying current on tax, form, software and e-service changes is critical to the success of your personal tax season. Only Personal Taxprep can provide you with all the essential information you need in a single session!

Our recorded 3-hour condensed seminar will not only present the numerous tax and form changes for 2018 T1 returns, but also show you how they have been implemented in Personal Taxprep. We’ll discuss important software enhancements, review CRA e-services, and delve into some Best Practices with respect to preparing personal returns.

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Taxprep T1 eLearning Course

Avoid gaps in T1 workflow. Ensure all your tax preparers are up to speed.
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Corporate Taxprep T2 Seminar Tour
Webinar On Demand

Our Corporate Taxprep seminars offer more than just a discussion of what's new - we'll show you exactly how the latest tax, form and software changes will impact the preparation of your returns in Corporate Taxprep.

In this informative and interactive full-day session, our expert presenters will guide you through what's new in corporate tax compliance and highlight features in Corporate Taxprep to help you prepare your corporate returns more efficiently.

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Taxprep Demonstration

Taxprep is the most advanced professional tax preparation software available, with unique features that helps you manage your T1, T2, T3 and Forms preparation's status and workflow.

Let us walk through a 45-minute Webinar showing you how to increase your productivity, effectively mitigate risk, attract, develop and retain your staff.

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ExpertEdge Webinars by Wolters Kluwer:
Connect with the best minds in Tax and Accounting

With ExpertEdge Webinars from Wolters Kluwer - the country's leading provider of tax and accounting software, publications and training - connecting with the best minds in the industry has never been easier. Simply log into an ExpertEdge Webinar from any computer with an Internet connection, and start learning.

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About Our Training
Wolters Kluwer continues to provide timely training to ensure you get as much as possible out of your Taxprep software and that you properly use all the tools available to you in order to enhance your productivity.
We offer in-depth training sessions ranging from live training seminars to web-based conferences.

Here's a brief description of our training offerings:

Live Seminars provide the opportunity to come out and interact with our trainers as well as with other professionals. Using a classroom style of instruction, we find that attendees learn new things about Taxprep each time. The seminars typically inform you about:

  • What's new
  • Customizing your software
  • Tips & tricks
  • Special features (e.g. Client Manager the T1, GIFI in the T2)
Seminar attendees also receive a workbook and other handout material. The seminar is normally geared for current users of the program.
Webinars are internet-based sessions that focus on one or two specific areas of the program (e.g. client letter, building reports, preparing R&A workcharts, etc.). Note that these areas may also be featured in the full day seminars.

They are ideal for current users who want to brush up on key features of the program or for personnel who only work on some aspects of tax preparation (e.g. Printing and EFILING).
Training Request and Comments
We welcome any training requests for Taxprep products. Please email your needs or comments to our Customer Service team or call us at 1-800-268-4522.