Corporate Taxprep 2019.2.3

Retrieve the Configuration of the Previous Version

Before starting to prepare returns, it is recommended to configure the different functionalities that you plan on using. In the event that you have used the previous version of Corporate Taxprep, you can save time allocated to this task by retrieving the configuration from the previous version of Corporate Taxprep for each of the following functionalities:

During the first launch of Corporate Taxprep, the Retrieve Configuration dialog box will display if the previous version has been installed from the active Windows account. If you immediately retrieve the configuration, select the functionalities, and click Yes.If you want to retrieve the configuration at a later date, click Later. This way, next time you launch Corporate Taxprep, you will be able to proceed with the retrieval of the configuration.

If you configured certain functionalities and afterwards you request to retrieve the configuration performed in the previous version, this operation will overwrite what you had previously configured.

In the event that you had configured the use of customized print formats in the previous version, the configuration associated to these formats will be retrieved and information with respect to these formats will be available in the options and settings once the print formats have been converted.

Retrieve the user's customized configuration of a network version

Options and settings restrictions set by the administrator of the Regular or Advanced Network versions have priority over the configuration of the options and settings that you will retrieve as a user.

Furthermore, if as a user, you retrieve the configuration that you had customized in the previousAdvanced Network version, you could be prompted twice for the retrieval, i.e. once during your first on-line mode work session in and once during your first off-line mode work session.